So, you want to blow clouds?

A few years in and vaping has changed so much that it’s impossible to keep up with everything. One thing that has become ever popular is new people getting into vaping and immediately wanting to blow huge, puffy clouds of vapor. So much so that the industry has come out with a slew of tanks designed for that very purpose. I don’t have some elitist standpoint in which I feel like a new vaper didn’t earn the right to blow clouds by learning how to build; it’s more of a safety concern. Use to be, if you wanted to become an “advanced vaper” and blow these huge clouds, you had to learn how to build coils and learn (sometimes the hard way) about battery safety. Or, a shop would build your coils for you and (hopefully) teach you about battery safety. Now, you can purchase a mod and one of these sub ohm tanks and you’re off to the races. It’s not really a “bad” thing per se, but with all of the bad press we already get, any mistake made will be national news overnight.

Vaping IS a safer alternative to smoking, but making poor decisions on our part is just as harmful as the media releasing misinformation. I can only hope that shops are educating their customers and not just looking at the sale. Consumers as a whole do not typically study up on products they want to try. They will see others who have successfully put down cigarettes by vaping and decide to dive in head first. I know this because I was told it was safer and that was good enough for me. It wasn’t until I became interested in the hobbyist side of vaping that I actually took an interest in what I was inhaling, how the vapor was produced and if it was really safer than cigarettes. Battery safety was the farthest thing from my mind… I wanted to quit smoking. I never saw someone blowing huge clouds until I got into it. Now, more and more vapers are coming on board and big, poofy clouds are getting increasingly popular. It’s up to us to make sure these new vapers are doing it safely. It won’t always be a popular standpoint but with vaping under the amount of scrutiny it is, it’s necessary.

The YouDe Zephyrus Review


The YouDe Zephyrus is an emerging subohm tank, that’s just now hitting a market being over run by tanks of its kind. What really sets this one apart? Let’s take a closer look at it and find out.

As you can see in the diagram, the Zephyrus is a 5ml, top fill sub ohm tank with the option for stock coil head replacement or the included RBA base. It also boasts a load of extras included with the tank, from an additional heat dispersion fin for the drip tip, to colored O-rings for a bit of visible customization. But what isn’t seen in the diagram is that the Zephyrus is fully capable of running a 8 wrap ni200 coil (spaced) on the RBA and that removing the top to fill is startlingly easy.


I have personally had one in my hands for a week, and I have been putting this tank through the ringer, just to see what I could do to cause it to fail. I achieved my goal, but only after exceeding the recommended wattage for the stock coils by about 15w, with 20/80 blended juice in the tank. On a side note, if you are the type of vaper that likes cloud chasing then I highly suggest using this tank with the Smok X Cube II which is possible the best box mod for clouds currently on the market in 2016 and what I used to test this. Now I know a lot of people will ask, “why make it fail?” but the answer is simple, it is not until you see where a device has it’s short comings that you can see the amazing parts that make up for them. There are quite a few tanks on the market now encroaching on the RBA territory of sub-ohming, and of these, only a few have been able to exceed the recommended variables (wattage, PG/VG ratios, etc) and survive for very long. So, the coils being able to take up to the exceeded 15w of power was impressive to me. The inclusion of an RBA deck, and not making that a separate item to purchase, also a big plus in my book. I’d much rather buy a six dollar replacement coil than a six-teen dollar RBA.


I am personally a huge fan of this subohm tank, it’s ease of filling (which can be done single-handed, though not recommended) but the production is amazing. The stock coil is rated for the range of 20-50w of power, while it will still work up to 65w before instantly frying out I would advise against it. I personally found my sweet spot at 38.7w, yours will differ, but it produces a satisfying flavor and cloud for me right there. At the time of writing, I have not built with resistance wire beneath the stock .3 to verify if the tank will wick efficiently for a lower build, but I can say that for those of you with the ability to rock a temp build (ni200) it’s got a lot of potential as an affordable replacement for the high-end RTAs, like the Squape or the Monster V2.

But none of this really sets it apart, right? Well, I would rate the flavor production on the stock OCC (Koh Gen Do- Japanese cotton) coils on par, if not surpassing, any of the .7-1.2 ohm coils that I was rocking in Kayfuns, Russians, or even the Lemos prior to finding this tank. In sub tanks, you will usually sacrifice flavor for the production, unless you are just really good with rebuilding stock heads, or they have an option of a RBA. That just isn’t the case with the Zephyrus, for me.

All I can say is, if you have the ability go check one out for yourself and form your own opinion of the Zephyrus, but I warn you, I’m not liable for any purchases after you find yourself pining for this tank.

What devices would I recommend to a new vaper?

I’ve been asked time and again by people curious about getting in to vaping or someone who bought a poor performing starter kit what I recommend. New gear is coming out at a break neck pace and it hard to keep up, even when you obsess over the amount of review videos that I do. As of today, August 7, 2014 here is what I recommend and why…

As far as the battery or mod goes most people start off with an eGo style stick battery. Some are variable voltage and some are just a straight battery with a button. They come in a variety of sizes and colors and these are fine to get you started. The only major drawback for a new vaper is the battery life… The mAh or milliamp hours will vary but most 1000 mAh batteries will last most of the day.


If you’ve got an eGo and you’re looking for the next step up I highly recommend going with Innokin‘s MVP 2.0. It’s a box mod but it has insane battery life and does variable voltage, variable wattage, tracks your battery life, and tells you how much you’re vaping via puff counter. This is a super dependable, super solid device and can carry you beyond into more advanced levels of vaping should you choose to go that direction.


The second component is the Tank you screw on to the battery. This is where you should begin to get picky and consider spending a little more. The tank section holds your e-liquid and coil head that heats up and produces the vapor. I found out the hard way that not all tanks are created equal… VERY far from it. Most tanks that come in a starter kit are disposables. Even if they have a changeable coil head, the coils themselves are sub par and will either not last or fail completely. The most popular tank manufacturers make a decent tank so if you stick to a Kanger or Aspire or Innokin tank, you should be able to find a quality tank that works for you.

Since we’re going on my recommendations here, I would HIGHLY recommend the Anyvape Peakomizer. I would go as far as to say it’s currently the best tank for vaping. It just recently came out but it is unique in that it will accept coil heads from virtually any manufacturer and it has adjustable air flow. Although more and more vape tanks have adjustable airflow, I really like how reliable this tank is.


So, there ya have it! My current recommendations as of today. Feel free to comment with any questions you may have about these devices or run out and buy them all! You can thank me later!

Quick rundown on a SXmini S-Class

The SXmini S-class, by Yihi, is one of my favorite variable wattage devices on the market. With it’s sleek and ergonomic design, it’s form factor can’t be beat. Now, I know a lot of people will complain about the price point on these devices, but once you feel the quality of one, you’ll know it’s an investment more than an expendature.

The SX350 chip set is probably the most reliable and accurate available at the moment. (You’ll hear that phrase a lot “available/on the market at the moment”, and the reason being is that the market is constantly evolving and producing better product.) With an accurate battery sensor and the gyroscopic adjustments, it makes the SX350 stand out amid the other chips out there.

The amount of power that this device puts out is currently limited to 60w, but for the majority of individuals, that’s enough. The SX350 is an upgradable chip though, so never fear, when Yihi decides to drop that extention for another 18650 battery there will be a 120w upgrade for the chip. There is also the option of a Bypass mode, which allows for the chip control to be overridden and the device will act as a mechanical mod.

I personally love the memory presets on this device. I swap through tanks and rbas, and usually stick to a rotation of about four a day. Without having to fine tune the device with each swap, it makes changing them out obscenely quick.

HELP! My joose is choking me out!!!

First off, this isn’t going to be about juice vendors and child safety caps and labeling… Although I could go into all that, I will save it for later. No, this is going to be about the different types of juice and how it can affect you as a vaper. All of your e-liquids are going to consist of a base of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG) or both. Then add in the flavorings (many of which are PG based) and you have your juice.

When I started vaping, I was unsuccessful due in part to the cheap tank I was using but also my juice wasn’t right for me. It was either not enough nicotine which caused me to still crave cigarettes or it contained too much Propylene Glycol, in which case it was burning my throat. That’s not to say PG is bad… I just have a sensitivity to it as many of you may as well. So, if your juice seems a tad harsh it could be that you have the same issue and need to switch to a high VG or 100% VG based e-liquid. You will end up sacrificing some in the way of flavor but in my experience it hasn’t been a big enough difference to complain.

So there ya have it… Just a short sweet little post in case you were discouraged about your juice. It doesn’t mean you’re not going to be able to put down the smokes in favor of an e-cig. It just means you haven’t found the right juice for you. Until next time….

My First Upgrade from the Starter Kit

When I first began trying to learn about mods, mechs, tanks, juice and everything else that comes along with vaping I was so confused. I’m usually a fast learner but we are so lucky to have all different kinds of equipment available to us that it can really shake you up trying to find a great fit to keep us analog free.

I kept hearing the KISS rule in my mind… keep it simple stupid!… so I had my ego starter kit. It did well to begin with but as long as I had been smoking I knew I needed something a little better. I began to ask questions and do some research. From everyone’s advice and what videos I watched I needed something I could have some control over. Something I could adjust the volts on that would give me more power. I didn’t want to jump feet first into full mechanical because I had no clue what an ohm even was (an electrician I’m not! Lol) but I got some advice from some knowledgeable people and bought a Vision Spinner along with a Nautilis tank.

I loved it! I could turn the voltage up and get better vape and the new tank was so much better than the CE4 I was using on the ego. The difference was like night and day. The air holes vs. None on the CE4 made my lungs a lot happier! I found a couple of local shops with juice bars that would make what I wanted and let me taste it so I could tweak it to my liking because everyone’s taste are different. I was in business! Just a few short days later I layed down the analogs completely and decided I was done. Today is my 29th day smoke free.

Now what worked for me, may or may not work for you. The starter kits ate great but that’s exactly what they are for, starting. I have saw some post lately where people are doing well on the starters and are still using them. The main point is what YOU need as an individual to keep you from smoking. If any new people have questions please don’t be afraid to ask. I will help you all I can and I’m not afraid to pull in some veterans that know more than I do.

Have a great Sunday and keep on vaping!

The Renovations are Complete!

After months of renovations we are proud to announce that we are once again open for business. We have completely redone the interior to use the space more efficiently and give the vape store the extra space in needed as we continue to grow. We have also added a dart board, pool table and foosball table as these were the main things customers said they would like to see in the new design. The shop has now got a sound system that could rival most nightclubs and a top of the line ventilation system to ensure consistent air quality all through the day. Come down and check out the new design, opening hours in the sidebar!

We will also be updating this blog more regularly with tips, tricks and reviews for the vaping industry.